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Life UK Financial offer a unique free membership that provides a smarter and more convenient way of seeking financial advice, managing your finances and purchasing all the products and services you already buy such as insurance, mortgages, loans, wills, investments, pensions, tax planning etc.

You can learn more about Life UK Financial from Business Associate & Team Leader, Stuart Callaghan.

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Company: Life UK Financial

Your name and position: Stuart Callaghan, Business Associate & Team Leader.

Start up costs for Life UK Financial?

£199 +VAT which includes a recruitment website and back end office.

How many  years has your company been trading?

Since 2008.

What type of selling is involved?

Your role as a Life UK Associate is to give away free memberships and this is done primarily face-to-face, though it can be done over the phone or Internet.

What type of training and support is offered?

We have regular training and business presentation meetings, online webinars and 1-2-1 support.  No financial services experience is needed as the associate is not giving financial advice - they are simply giving away free memberships.

What are the basic commission rates?

Approximately 10% of the commission the financial adviser earns from the sale of a financial product.  There are other sales and team leader bonuses on top of this.  Everytime any of your customers buy something, you earn.

What products/services do you provide to sell?

Independent financial advice, which includes products such as insurance, mortgages, loans, wills, investments, pensions, tax planning etc.

What does Life UK Financial offer?

The opportunity to earn from the hugely lucrative financial services market without having to be qualified or have experience in the industry.

What can someone joining Life UK Financial realistically expect to earn?

This depends on how many free memberships they can give away and how many financial products that their free members buy. A focused part-time business associate should easily be able to generate a part-time passive income in excess of £500 per month within 6 months.

Does stock have to be bought in advance and stored by the distributor?


Are there any restrictions on earnings?

None!  With approximately 50 pence in every pound being spent on financial services in the UK, the market and earning potential with Life UK Financial is huge.  Life UK is still quite a new company, so the market is relatively untapped.

Are there territories in which you have to sell within?

Anywhere in the U.K.  International expansion may happen in the future.

Does someone joining your opportunity have to meet certain criteria or targets?

No, though there are various bonuses and incentives available in the marketing plan for those associates who achieve certain sales targets.

What sets Life UK Financial apart from other Direct Sales Opportunities?

Life UK Financial is the only company in the UK that offer a Direct Sales & Network Marketing opportunity in the Financial Services industry for people not authorised to sell financial products.

What are the ways in which you can earn money from Life UK Financial?

- Giving away free memberships
- New associate recruitment bonuses
- Royalty (residual) income from 'breakaway' groups

What bonuses and incentives do you have and how easily achieved are they?

Life UK offer extra bonuses from sales of personally introduced customers, quick start bonuses and more.

Can anyone be successful with this opportunity?

Yes, this is a very simple business and the take up is high.  Simply show people how to save time, money and hassle when buying financial products or seeking financial advice by giving away the Life UK Financial free membership.

Is there anything else you would like to say about Life UK Financial?

Having been involved in Direct Sales & Network Marketing for over 10 years, I can see the power of the Life UK Financial proposition.  The free membership package is an innovative way for people to buy financial products and receive independent financial advice.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining Life UK Financial as a  Business Associate then please fill in the form below and Business Associate & Team Leader Stuart Callaghan will be in touch with more information within the next 24 - 48 hours.

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