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Shopping Sherlock helps consumers find the best possible prices for products and services on the Internet.  The free application 'plugs in' to your Internet browser and shows search results based on best price for many top Internet stores including Amazon, eBay, Tesco, Kelkoo and more.

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You can learn more about Shopping Sherlock from one of the world's top distributors, Simon Brookes.

Company: Shopping Sherlock

Your name and position: Simon Brookes, Diamond Global Power Distributor

Start up costs for your opportunity? US$249 (aprox. £160) and $34.95 monthly.

How many years has Shopping Sherlock been trading?

Since June 2012.

What type of selling is involved?

There is no selling involved as it’s a free application you just give away.

What type of training is and support is offered?

Full online back office tools and support. Webinar and live training events. Live and online business opportunity meetings and videos. Plus support directly from me.

What are the basic commission rates?

There is too much to go in to here but there are multiple ways you can earn commissions from giving away the free app to building teams.

What products/services do Shopping Sherlock provide to sell?

A completely free application that saves people a fortune when they shop on line. The application was highly recommended on CNN in the U.S.

What does your company offer?

A free Interent browser application that helps people find the best price on all kinds of products and services, from many of the top Internet stores.

The company also offers all kinds of people, from students, mums and business people the opportunity to earn a part-time passive income through igvcing away the app and/or building a distribution network of other distributors.

What can someone joining your company realistically expect to earn?

As always this will depend on someone’s aspirations and time/effort invested but Shopping Sherlock has one of the best pay plans in the industry enabling distributors to build a significant income fast.

For those who wish to just give away the free app, incomes between $50 to $30,000 per month are already being generated. And for those who wish to build teams, incomes from $50 to $300,000 per month are being generated. Individuals in the UK are already generating over $10,000 per week in just 15 weeks.

Does stock have to be bought in advance and stored by the distributor?

No as it is just a free application.

Are there any restrictions on earnings?


Are there territories in which you have to sell within?

No. It is a global opportunity

Does someone joining your opportunity have to meet certain criteria or targets?

There are no monthly quotas or targets to hit. If there is a monthly income being generated, then you will receive that income.

What sets your opportunity apart from the others?

In a time of recession it is difficult to persuade people to buy expensive products. Shopping Sherlock offers the following unique advantages…

1. There  no buying and selling as you just give away a free application
2. The application genuinely saves people a lot of time and money
3. The distributor gets paid commissions whether their customer buys anything or not
4. The pay plan is one of the best in the industry enabling people to earn money fast
5. It is a ground floor global opportunity

What are the ways in which you can earn money from your opportunity? There are multiple ways you can earn commissions from giving away the free app to building teams.

What bonuses and incentives do you have and how easily achieved are they?

There is too much information to give here. You would need to see the presentation to get a clear understanding of the bonuses and incentives. However, there are commissions generated from the use of the app, team building bonuses, global pools and very powerful team cheque match commissions and all can be attained by anyone willing to put in the effort.

Can anyone be successful with Shopping Sherlock?

Absolutely! Anyone can give away the free application and we have people from all walks of life achieving their financial goals.

Is there anything else you would like to say about Shopping Sherlock?

I have a successful traditional business and over the last 10 years I have also built large teams in network marketing and was the top distributor in my last business. With all my experience, I have never seen a business as exciting as Shopping Sherlock.

I have never before seen the growth that this company is achieving and the fact that people from all walks of life are making serious money so quickly.  Individuals are making over $10,000 per week after only 15 weeks which is incredible…and all from a free application which saves people time and money!

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