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Neways LogoNeways International supply a range of natural household and personal care products.

You can learn more about Neways from UK based Independent Distributor, Jez Sadler.

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Your name and position: Jez Sadler, Independent Distributor

Start up costs for your opportunity?

Independent Distributors - £23.87 inc VAT and P&P (renewed yearly). Preferred Customers, Free.

How many  years has Neways been trading?

25 years.

What type of selling is involved?

Referral and eShop option is a personal choice.

What type of training is and support is offered?

  • Training by doing
  • Upline support
  • Free Online Resources 
  • Meetings & events

What are the basic commission rates?

  • 30% off RRP
  • Up to 16% Multiplex Profit
  • Up to 16% Affinity Profit

What products/services do you provide to sell?

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal Care
  • Household

What does your company offer?

  • Safety conscious ingredients in their products
  • Advanced science – in house facility
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Independent Scientific Advisory Board
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Financial Security
  • Generous Compensation
  • International scope
  • World-class Ownership and leadership
  • Training & recognition
  • Humanitarian efforts

What can someone joining your company realistically expect to earn?

£2-300 p/m or more part time.  £3-5000 and more full time.

Does stock have to be bought in advance and stored by the distributor?

No. Distributors may wish to buy some products to use as samples, but not compulsory.

Are there any restrictions on earnings?


Are there territories in which you have to sell within?

No territories, areas, streets allocated. The only stipulation is that you should be in a Neways area of operations, i.e. in one of the currently 31 countries available.

Does someone joining Neways have to meet certain criteria or targets?

No monthly targets except to qualify for the Compensation Plan. Minimum bonus is 7% pay out on £40 pm on 1st level.

Distributors must place at least 1 order per year to remain active.

What sets your opportunity apart from the others?

It is available in currently 31 countries with Korea recently launched and Thailand due to be launched in 2012.

Neways pay out 53% of their profit into their Compensation Plan, making it one of the best in the Industry.

All Neways products are self manufactured and contain ingredients which are safe and are constantly monitored by a Scientific Advisory Board for harmful toxins. The exception is the magnetic bracelets which are supplied by an outside company called Enerjii.

What are the ways in which you can earn money from Neways?

Retail – Purchase at wholesale price and retail up to RRP.

Business building – Sponsor people into your team and qualify for commission from the Compensation Plan.

What bonuses and incentives do you have and how easily achieved are they?

All bonuses and incentives are realistically achievable providing you put the effort in.

Neways offer to pay either payments (of up to £750) for a new/leased car or towards a mortgage when you meet the qualifying criteria of a personal turnover of £75p/m and a group turnover of £3,000 p/m. The Residual income starts at 4% and goes up to 16%.

5* yearly Training Seminar (holiday).

Can anyone be successful with this opportunity?


Is there anything else you would like to say about Neways?

There are many Network Marketing opportunities around today, some great, some not so great. Neways, with their ethical approach to their products and generous Compensation Plan, is one of the greats. They have an ongoing mission to make 10 million homes worldwide a healthy and safe Neways home and are well on their way to achieving that goal. They are also involved in humanitarian work and are currently funding the building a school for children in Mali, Africa.

Whether as a Distributor or a Preferred Customer, transferring your normal supermarket spend to the Neways product range will benefit you greatly all round. They may be a little more expensive when compared to supermarket prices but you pay for quality and, in the long run, you will save money with Neways products.

As a Home Based Business the Neways Opportunity is more than fair and realistic. Many within the Neways Network are enjoying greatly improved lifestyles thanks to the products and generous Compensation Plan.  

Contact me via this site for more information about Neways, their fantastic products and excellent Business Opportunity.

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