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Wikaniko LogoWikaniko supply a range of eco friendly household and personal care products.

You can learn more about Wikaniko from UK based Independent Distributor, Chris Matthews.

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Start up costs for your opportunity?

Join as an Independent Distributor for just £48.  For this admin fee, you get a small starter pack, a full online replicated web site with both your ‘shop front’ and your members Home Office, with access to training, online tools, etc.

How many years has your company been trading?

Since 2008.

What type of selling is involved?

Altogether, 12 ‘routes to market’ (ways of promoting your products) have been identified. These include delivery of the Home Shopping catalogues door to door, leafleting that concentrates on certain products (this proved to be enormously successful in trials), relationship marketing (friends and family sales), Party plan type of events with the Cosmetics catalogue, plus craft fairs and local shows etc. So there are numerous non-confrontational methods for everyone to be able to use, in order to make sales. (Sales via online auction sites are strictly prohibited).

Wikaniko has also created some extraordinary online and offline marketing methods, to ensure that you can get people to visit your online shop, and that you can get your name known in the local community too. Most of these methods are both FREE to the distributor, and free to the customer or user (one of the methods actually involves giving away free products!).

What type of training is and support is offered?

Although the business is very simple, we feel that everyone can benefit from the excellent free training resources that are available. The learning is carried out online, in the comfort of your own home or office. We do not advocate traveling to meetings, renting hotel rooms etc. as these increases everyone’s carbon footprints dramatically. Instead, local Home Meetings will be arranged through Team Managers and National Distributors. Furthermore, there is comprehensive support available through the Wikaniko Support Team – people that have had enormous proven success in the home business industry.

What are the basic commission rates?

Wholesale to retail mark-up (retail income) starts at 33% (based on a point value) and can be as much as 45% according to the ID’s personal monthly volume.
Business building Income is an additional override bonus of up to 9% on other ‘branches’ Group Volume when you expand.

What products/services do you provide to sell?

The products are rock solid eco friendly everyday household products - not fad products. They range from the bread and butter household products such as degradable plastic bags and refuse sacks etc. through to personal care products, luxury beauty products, energy saving gadgets, garden products, water saving products etc. In fact, over almost 800 products have been sourced (the aim is to have more than 1000 products eventually) and other services etc. will be added as the business progresses.

What does your company offer?

The opportunity is simple to understand. Wikaniko is a unique Co-operative marketing venture, whereby the main aim is to create a massive business, with sufficient profit to enable the company to sustain its growth, yet to give as much back as it can to the distributors that are contributing to the success of the company. By doing this, we all gain.

What can someone joining your company realistically expect to earn?

Some people will earn a few hundred pounds a month, some will earn several thousand pounds a month and a few will make a fortune – it’s simply based on the effort that individuals are prepared to put in to build their business.
Does stock have to be bought in advance and stored by the distributor?

No.  However some distributors choose to carry a limited stock of popular items. Products are delivered direct to customers when they order online but if ordered through a distributor then this is processed by the distributor.
Are there any restrictions on earnings?

No.  The income opportunities with Wikaniko are potentially unlimited; however earnings will be proportionate to the amount of effort put in.

Are there territories in which you have to sell within?

No territories.  UK wide at present (expanding into Europe soon).

Does someone joining your opportunity have to meet certain criteria or targets?

We work on the basis of a lot of people doing a little bit. In order to prevent people earning off the hard work of other people without putting the effort in themselves we have a small easily achievable monthly discipline which distributors are required to do in order to achieve their Business building income. If an individual is only interested in retail and does not build a team there is no minimum requirement.

What sets your opportunity apart from the others?

With Wikaniko YOU can:

  • Save money by buying products you normally use at wholesale instead of retail
  • Make money by retailing to new customers, and servicing repeat orders
  • Make money from your web sales
  • Make an override by helping others to set up their own Wikaniko branch
  • Reduce your tax bill by using the in house bookkeeping service
  • Obtain further rewards via the Stamp Reward scheme
  • Learn more about the world we live in, in order to teach others
  • Save some dolphins and turtles along the way!

I can’t think of another more worthwhile cause, or better way to make some more income – can you?

What are the ways in which you can earn money from your opportunity?

  • Wholesale to retail profit
  • Business building income
  • Wikaniko Stamp reward scheme.

What bonuses and incentives do you have and how easily achieved are they?

Another unique part of the Wikaniko opportunity is our stamp reward scheme for both customers and distributors!  Do you remember Green Shield stamps? If you don’t, let me explain...

When you shopped in certain shops in the 70’s, you were given stamps to stick in your stamp book. When you filled up a book, you could exchange them for extra gifts.
This scheme was extremely popular at the time, then eventually it transformed into the Argos shopping catalogue chain.

At Wikaniko, we have our own - and proving extremely popular - online version of the Green Shield stamps!

Your customers can shop online, and receive virtual stamps to stick into their online books. Once a book is full, they can exchange these for further goods, representing a great incentive for your customer to regularly purchase their products from your shop.

As a distributor, the Wikaniko Stamp Reward Scheme provides all distributors with extra rewards, outside of the marketing plan. Stamps can be obtained for achieving a myriad of simple tasks, and for purchasing certain products, etc. The completed books are like ‘shares’ in the company, where the value of the books rise as the company grows. Of course, the stamps can also be used to obtain further products, or redeem for cash.
It is an immensely popular scheme and great fun too.

Can anyone be successful with this opportunity?

This is an opportunity open to anyone over the age of 18. Anyone can be successful provided they apply consistent effort over a reasonable period of time, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your opportunity?

We are looking for volunteers, not conscripts!

Wikaniko doesn’t actually need your money. The company is cash rich. We don’t need ‘prima donnas’ either – the world is full of them. We are looking for individuals who really - we mean really want to take a wonderful opportunity, grasp it with both hands, and run with it. If you are that person, it is an incredible opportunity for you.

The company has gone through the pre-launch phase - the most scary phase of any business. As the company enters its growth phase things will accelerate massively, and it will probably be a question of hanging on for the ride of your life!

If you are prepared to work with us and help us expand in the growth phase, we will, as a Team, flourish and thrive. You will, as a person, grow in stature. You will learn an amazing amount about the world we live in, what we are doing to it and how we can prevent it – some of which will frighten you silly. You will gain an income that will help you and your family massively, as we all plunge deeper and deeper into the financial crisis that the world has got itself in. And you will gain a further income by helping others who wish to improve their circumstances.

All in all, with Wikaniko, you will experience a different and very exciting way of living, working, earning, and educating – that we absolutely guarantee.  So if you are not looking for an easy ride, need some real excitement and enjoyment in your life working with people who enjoy life, would love to save the planet, need more income, want to help others, join us as fast as possible.

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