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Money CalculatorsThe Money Calculators page will help you to calculate areas of your finances such as how long it will take you to pay of your debts (e.g. credit cards, loans and mortgages), how your wealth can grow through compound interest, how inflation and taxes can affect your wealth and more!

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  • Compound Interest - discover the magic effect of compound interest on your savings
  • Inflation - find out how inflation has a negative impact on your savings
  • You're A Millionaire! - calculate how long it will take you to become a liquid millionaire


  • Pensions - calculate what size pension pot you will need to secure the kind of pension you would like to live on when you retire
  • Stocks & Shares ISAs - calculate how your money can grow through investing in stocks and shares funds
  • Adviser Commissions - how do adviser commissions effect your money?
  • Child Trust Funds - by starting early, see what kind of 'step up' you can give your children when they reach adulthood


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Money Calculators

Money Calculators

Work out how your money can grow, how much your mortgage will cost and more...
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