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Welcome to our Money Podcasts.  Learn about everything from how the modern money system works, debt, mortgages, saving and investing, markets, increasing your income, budgeting and more.

The Power of the Market with Milton Friedman
Date: 5 June 2012 | Category: Learning Zone

Robert McKenzie introduces and moderates the discussions in each episode of Milton Friedman's 1980 television series Free to Choose, which were based on his book of the same name.

See the full series of Milton Friedman's 'Free to Choose' videos here >>>

The Cost of the Lowest Price

Date: 22 July 2010 | Category: Insurance

With so many price comparison sites out there, consumers are becoming increasingly price driven for products such as car insurance, household insurance and life insurance. But there can be a cost of going for the cheapest option as this video demonstrates!

Money As Debt II (Part 1 of 8)

Date: 02 April 2010 | Category: Learning Zone

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The Advantages of Small States & The Dangers of Centralisation

Date: 29 March 2010 | Category: Learning Zone

The Peter Schiff Report

We like Peter Schiff.  He has a strong economic background and just as importantly, he's not afraid to speak to truth.


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