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Insurance - Financial ProtectionThe insurance section of the website explains about different types of insurance, how they work and some things you should think about before buying a policy or reviewing cover.

Part of any personal financial plan will involve insuring against unforeseen events because the unexpected sometimes happens. If you're burgled, insurance can pay for you to replace the things that were taken. If you need medical treatment, it can pay for private healthcare, and replace some of your income if you can't work. If you die, insurance can pay a lump sum to the family and dependents you leave behind.

If any of the above incidents were to occur and a person was without insurance, the effects could be financially devastating for the person and / or their family.  The outcome could be a huge legal bill, or the inability to maintain living costs such as a mortgage, rent or household bills.

Types of Insurance

There are lots of different types of insurance available and it can be confusing.  The links below explain how the different types of insurance work, the main things you can insure and things to think about to help you decide whether you need a particular type of insurance.


Remeber, whatever type of insurance you're buying, always disclose the full facts otherwise a policy may not pay out.  Also make sure you always check any limitations to a policy such as excesses and exclusions.  This can be done by checking the Key Facts document and/or asking the insurance adviser who you are buying the insurance policy from.

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