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The saying goes "it takes money to make money."  What money really does is give you time and freedom to make better choices.  To illustrate this point, let's look at two people in contrasting financial scenarios.

Jim has a good academic education and is motivated to succeed financially so he and his family can spend more time together and live a nice lifestyle.  He has long dreamed of running his own successful business and building a passive income from a property and stocks and shares portfolio.

Jim's problem is lack of time and energy.  He has a mortgage and household bills to pay and a family to support.  He is working 40 or 50 hours a week in a job he doesn't particularly enjoy but he can't break away because the bills need paying.  If he stopped working, it would be less than two months before he was in the red.

This causes him frustration because he sees an opportunity to start his own business and has acquaintances who are making great passive incomes from investment opportunities.  If only he had the money to support a new business and to take advantage of those investment opportunities!

Jim's acquaintance, Anthony, also has a good academic education and is motivated to succeed for similar reasons.  The main difference between the two men is that Anthony has a better financial education than Jim and as a result, has more income. This gives him more time to concentrate on building his business and investment portfolio, rather than working long hours just to pay bills.

Anthony's income easily covers his living expenses each month.  With the surplus income he has, he takes the time to develop his existing investments, which include his two businesses, property and stocks and shares portfolio.  The money he wisely invests in these areas generate even more income therefore giving him even more time to concentrate on the things he chooses.

Anthony's financial education and income makes him more and more successful.  Jim's lack of financial education and income keeps him trapped in the financial 'rat race'.

Can you see how excess income coupled with financial knowledge can have a massive impact on a persons lifestyle?  How different would your own life be if you had lots of extra income each month?  What about if you knew where to invest that money to generate passive income?  Do you think you might be able to escape the rat race and live the lifestyle of your dreams?

You will see that financial success like any success requires not only the right information, but the right tools.  In the area of financial success - the tool is money.

Increasing Your Income

When it comes to succeeding financially, the one element you have the most control over is your earning power.  That could be in a job, a profession or your own business.

Your earning power is directly proportional to your value in the marketplace.  The more valuable you are, the more indispensible you are.  The more indispensible you are;  the more income you can demand.  You have far more control over this area than you do on the property market or financial markets for example.

So how can you increase your income?

The saying goes "if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got".  In other words, if you're not happy with how much you're earning at the moment - maybe it's time to change something!

The first step to changing your situation and moving forward is to take full personal responsibility for where you are right now.  This means not blaming outside circumstances such as lack of education, lack of time, lack of money or anything else for that matter.  If you blame outside circumstances, you give your power away and you will not get to where you want to be.

The next step is to decide what you really want from life.  This area is covered under goal setting and visualisation in the personal development section of the website.  Do not skip this stage - it's fundamental and underpins everything else.

The next step is to decide how you want to make a living.  What do you enjoy doing?  What do you feel are your strengths?  There are now several main options (please click on your chosen link for more information):

  • Employment - decide what type of company you want to work for and endeavour to become as valuable an employee as possible within that industry or type of business

  • Self-Employment - this means working for yourself in a profession such as health, law, finance, education or marketing etc.

  • Start A Business - this  means setting up your own company and building a business.  This will include deciding on what products / services to market, having the right legal structure in place, building a business system and finding the right people to help run it

You can also increase your income in the short to medium term by taking on some extra part-time work or starting a part-time business from home for example:

  • Part Time Second Jobs - if your extra income need is immediate, then you may want to consider taking on a part-time second job

  • Extra Income - There are many companies that offer the opportunity to earn and additional income.  For example you could join a Direct Sales or Network Marketing company and earn an extra income by retailing their products and / or building a sales team.  Some companies are looking to hire data in putters or part-time telesales staff

  • Work From Home - many extra income opportunities are home based so offer convenience and flexibility.  If you have a skill such as copywriting or web design, then modern communications technology such as the Internet allow you to easily and effectively work from home


Increasing your income takes desire, self belief and the time and effort required to learn new attitudes, skills and knowledge.  The good news is that increasing your income can transform  your life.  It will give you more choices and will accelerate your journey towards financial success and a fantastic lifestyle virtually  free from money worries.

Without the constraints of lack of money and time, what would you do with your life?  To learn more about the various options available to you for increasing your income, please visit the earning income section of the website.


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