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Please complete the PPI Claim Questionnaire as completely as possible.  Your answers will form the basis of your claim and will provide us with enough information to assess the likelehood of success.

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Complete our short PPI Questionnaire

Industry estimates for the UK PPI market put the number of live policies at around 20 million, with between 6.5 and 7.5 million new policies being taken out each year. PPI premiums are said to total approximately 5.3 billion per year. Figures supplied by the Association of British Insurers, August 2005

In comparison, property insurance premiums total 8 billion and motor insurance 9.5 billion. UK insurance - key facts, Association of British Insurers (2004)

Stories of the credit industry making large, even excessive, profits from PPI premiums and commission regularly appear in the finance press. For instance the Guardian reported that Barclays made 240 million from PPI sales in 2000/01, with a margin of 70 per cent on payments made by consumers. The Guardian, Saturday March 6 2004

Lloyds TSB plc report income in 2004 from creditor insurance premiums of 114 million and commissions from broking creditor insurance at 377 million. 2004 results, Lloyds TSB Group plc (2005)